About Bridget

Bridget Haren

My name is Bridget and welcome to my website!

I am a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist having got my professional qualification from Bodycollege Ireland.

I am passionate about raising awareness of this integrative therapy having experienced the result of it in my own life.

You can get more information about Body College and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy here.

As a result of this integrative approach to the body and mind I am more grounded, more present, more here in my life, I experience lots more fun and joy.

I have had a long and varied career as a counsellor, (30+yrs.) and psychotherapist. My work life has enabled me to work with victims of Domestic Abuse, childhood and adult trauma and abuse, Addiction, Couples counselling, Relationship issues, ETC. This work has been rewarding and has helped me to evolve and reflect on my life. My curiosity and openness to learning has led me to gain expert qualifications in counselling,(IACP) Trauma release, somatic experiencing practitioner,(SEP) meditation and mindfulness practitioner/teacher, Magdalena energy practitioner, and life coaching, I have followed my own path towards greater awareness and growth.

I have studied and explored many modalities and paths seeking to find answers and ease my own and others suffering. My Spiritual practice of meditation and mindfulness led me to study with Her Holiness Sai Maa and train in the Magdalena Energies. I became a Magdalena Teacher and Magdalena Energy Practitioner. A daily meditation practice is part of my life and inner world.

I am a Mum, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin. Living through my own personal traumas, the ups and downs of relationships, managing a home and running a business has taught me the value of listening, of holding space, of giving my full attention to what’s wanting to be expressed in me. This has brought deep healing, more self-awareness and the capacity for compassion and tenderness when sitting with clients. We are courageous beings, with all that life throws at us and yes we have a resilience and tenacity that opens my heart every time.

I have developed my intuitive abilities and I can very quickly tune into the energy of the person I’m working with. The therapy is client led, meaning we go slow and steady, taking time to hear, listen and feel what is wanting to be expressed in the moment.

Focusing on optimum health which I believe we all carry inside, resistance and blocks can be cleared thus facilitating the release of life force energy that is wanting to be expressed. Trauma patterns, old habits, relationship issues are cleared and one can begin to see clearly one’s life path.

Moving into semi-retirement I am taking the time to reassess my lifestyle. I have more time to take it easy, to walk by the ocean, to meditate, to reflect. To go slow, and this time is precious. I’m learning to make the most of every day, to be grateful, to appreciate each breath I take.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


Repeat these words silently to yourself...

May I be free from Suffering
May I be as happy and as healthy as it is possible for me to be
May I have ease of Being
May all beings have ease of Being