Somatic Therapy

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Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is an integrative combined therapeutic approach to mind-body health.

I have been practising as a therapist for many years, and recently I have added Biodynamic craniosacral therapy to my toolkit to offer Somatic Therapy. I bring together a therapeutic approach that interlaces key aspects of person centred therapy with the express aim of creating an environment of unconditional regard, ensuring a client-led process and facilitating the bringing of non-conscious information into conscious awareness for the purpose of self-development and personal responsibility and growth.

I have found the combined treatment to have multiple benefits over and above either psychotherapy or physical therapy undertaken alone.

Do you want to focus on change? Do you want to be less stressed, less worried, less disorganised? Are you stuck in patterns of fight, flight, or freeze?

In Somatic Therapy the focus is on the body's natural capacity for healing. Creating change by first understanding the underlying drivers behind why we do the things we do and how our past is influencing our present. It’s based on the premise that we hold trauma in our cells and organs and body, thus creating tension, restriction and disease. This has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of physiological issues associated with trauma, pain and loss.

I encourage the body to release restrictions that it has been unable to overcome on its own. I do this by creating a safe environment for the client, which supports the clients nervous system to relax. Rather than deciding how these changes should be made, I follow the body's response as to how to proceed. Following this gentle approach helps ensure the method is safe and effective. Deep emotional issues can be released simply by paying attention to the communication of the body. We become more aware of the body, become more grounded and allow the release of trauma and tension the body is holding. This results in creating space for the emergence of the natural health of the system.

Why Somatic Therapy?

These combined therapies I have found to be very beneficial for a wide variety of conditions.

  • Feeling ungrounded, depressed, anxious
  • Overly emotional, overwhelmed?
  • Any Stress related conditions?
  • Fatigue, neck and back pain?
  • Heartache?
  • Muscular aches, Frozen shoulder
  • TMJ Jaw disorders Trigeminal nerve

Everything that has happened to us is stored in our bodies, we hold the memories, the feelings, the trauma, and they may manifest as physical symptoms like pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, lower immune response, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic conditions.

Bridget Haren

About Bridget Haren

Bridget offers Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Therapy and Magdalena Healing Sessions. Her many qualifications include counselling, meditation and visualization. Read more about Bridget

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